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Books: Playstation Secret Codes - Secret Codes 2003

Bermuda Submarine 

In the Bermuda level there is a Submarine sticking over the central chasm 
with a stone projection on the chasm wall supporting the sub. Fire any 
weapon into either side of the projection, the sub should tilt slightly. 
Continue to fire weapons into the projection and the sub will continue 
to tilt until it slides off into the chasm. It should strike the ledge directly 
beneath it, leaving behind a collection of power up weapons. 

Bonus Characters 

To unlock the three secret characters you must first finish the game 
with any character on the medium difficulty setting. This will allow you 
to play as Mr. Phatt. Defeat the game using Mr. Phatt on the hard 
difficulty setting. This will unlock Agent 326. Defeat the game using 
Agent 326 on the hard difficulty setting to unlock the final character, Overseer.
Note: To unlock all the characters, you must not use any codes. 

Depth Charge 

Hold R2 and press Left, Right, Up. 
Note: This assumes the controller is in the default configuration. 

Drop Pods 

While playing, quickly press L1, R1, L1, R1, Up, Down, Left, Up. You 
have to be quick to enter this. 

Extra Lives 

On the Indian Ocean board go to the "double loop" room (there are two 
giant loops standing up on the floor). Pilot your craft between the two 
loops and turn toward the wall covered with starfish. Shoot missiles to 
reveal a secret passageway. Go down passageway and find a room with 
four crystals on the wall. Shoot each of the crystals until they shoot 
out shiny disco balls. Once all four are activated, an extra man will 
appear in the center of the room.

On the Mediterranean board blow up the tall statue and grab some pilot 
missiles. Dive deep in front of the statue and go through the doorway 
(it's below critical depth and it has a health in it). Now go up until you 
hit the ceiling. In front of you is a door with a large keyhole. 

Shoot a pilot missile through the keyhole(use regular missiles to tell 
when you're lined up right). Once the pilot missile goes through the 
hole, guide it around the first corner and hit the pot on the stand. This 
opens the door. Swim down the tunnels into the room with the statue. 
Up top on the shelves is a red pot that contains a yellow key. Get the 
key. Now swim all the way back out and go to the upper temple (the 
one with the female statues in front). Now that you have the key, the 
door will open. Blow up the altar on the floor and go down the secret 
tunnel to the extra man. 

Guided Missiles 

Press and hold TRIANGLE, then press R1+L1 simultaneously to fire a guided missile. You can now direct it with the d-pad or detonate the missle at any time by pressing R1 and L1.

NOTE: After about 10 to 15 seconds the missle will detonate automatically. 

Infinite Weapons 

Press L1, R1, L1, R1, Up, Down, Left, Down while playing. 


For invincibility, press L1, R1, L1, R1, Up, Down, Left, Right while playing. 

Killing the Eel 

In the Medditeranian there is a giant electric eel guarding the threshhold. 
Although normal attacks can eventually kill it, a stun blast is much faster. 

Lay a Mine 

Hold R2 and press Right, Left, Down. 

Note: This assumes the controller is in the default configuration. 

Quad Damage 

To do four times the normal damage, press R1, R2, R1, R2, Up, Down, 
Up, Down while playing. 

Quick Fire Combo 

Press and hold both weapon select buttons (L1 and R1 by default.) 
A menu of directions and button symbols will appear besides your 
weapon list.

Push the direction or button symbol next to the desired weapon to 
make it fire. By quickly pressing a series of buttons or diretions 
you can unleash devestating combos. Unfortunately, each weapon 
fired in this manner drains your power meter bar. So doing this 
maneuver can leave you without shields or turbo. 

Secret Room and Extra Life 

On the second level, at the Battle in the Red Sea, go inside the temple 
and find the room where there are seven statues of kings sitting upon 
thrones - Three on each side of the room and one in the middle, sitting 
on an incline going down. You can hit the other statues for weapons, 
but the statue in the middle is the important one. Hit it with a remote 
detonator or something powerful. It will blow up, revealing a secret 
passage to a hidden room. One of the statues in this room contains 
the extra life. 

Stun Blast 

Hold R2 and press Right, Left, Up. 

Note: This assumes the controller is in the default configuration. 

Super Weapon Power-up 

In Fort Apocalypse, go to the southern triangular tunnel. Shoot out the 
central floor area of this tunnel to reveal a hidden alcove and Heal 
Power-up under the floor.

Go into the alcove and attack the southern wall until it blows up 
revealing another passage. Follow this passage to a room with a sucker 
weapon where the passage forks to the left and right and slopes down 
toward critical depth. Either fork will lead you to a glowing yellow sphere, 
use turbo to dive down and grab this, you will be rewarded with two of 
each weapon.

This power-up is well below critical depth so be sure you have enough 
health to survive. Depending on your character's armor and speed you 
will take between 40% and 60% damage. 

Surface Mine 

Hold R2 and press Right, Left, Down. 

Note: This assumes the controller is in the default configuration. 

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