Playstation tips, codes, passwords, hints, cheats, and secrets:CRASH TEAM RACING
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Books: Playstation Secret Codes - Secret Codes 2003

Access Nitros Oxide’s Space Ship 

To unlock the Nitros’ spacecraft, you must possess four Boss Keys. 

Extra Battle Arenas 

To unlock a new playing field in Battle mode, win all four Cup Races in 
Arcade mode at the corresponding level of difficulty.

Course           Difficulty

Basement Level   Hard
Parking Lot      Easy
The North Bowl   Medium

Extra Turbo Boost 

At the beginning of a race,hit the gas button just before the green 
light flashes to start off with a turbo boost. 

Race as Fake Crash 

To race as Crash Bandicoot’s alter ego, win the Purple Gem Cup in 
Adventure mode. (Note: To unlock the Purple Cup, you must collect 
five purple CTR tokens.) 

Race as Komdo Joe 

To race as Komodo Joe, win the Blue Gem Cup in Adventure mode.
(Note: To unlock the Blue Cup, you must collect five blue CTR tokens.) 

Race as N. Trophy and N. Oxide 

First successfully complete Roo's Tubes in time trial mode. This 
will unlock N.Trophy's ghost. beat N. Trophy and you will open up N. 
Oxide's ghost. To play as Trophy beat him on all tracks do the 
same thing to race as Oxide. 

Race as Papu Papu 

To race as the obese Mayan priest, win the Green Gem Cup in 
Adventure mode. (Note: To unlock the Green Cup, you must 
collect five green CTR tokens.) 

Race as Penta Penguin 

At the title screen hold L1 and R1, and press Down, Right, Triangle, 
Down, Left, Triangle, Up to unlock Penta Penguin. 

Race as Pinstripe 

To race as the Tommy Gun toting gangster, win the Yellow Gem Cup 
in Adventure mode. (Note: To unlock the Yellow Cup, you must collect 
five yellow CTR tokens.) 

Race as Ripper Roo 

To race as the Ripper Roo, win the Red Gem Cup in Adventure mode.
(Note: To unlock the Red Cup, you must collect five red CTR tokens.) 


Break N. Oxide's records in time trial mode to unlock a scrapbook at 
the main menu. 

Spyro 2 Demo 

To unlock the playable demo,hold L1 + R1 and press Down, Circle, 
Triangle,Right at the Title page/New game screen. 

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