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Books: Playstation Secret Codes - Secret Codes 2003

Aku Aku Mask

After losing a life, hold Up + Circle until Crash moves. Release the 
buttons when Crash looses his second life.

(Note: While in a warp tunnel, Press X (twice) before holding X + Up. 
Release the buttons when Crash looses his second life.) 

Area Warps

RED GEM to find the red gem you must play level 7, Air 
Crash. When you come to the first jet board don't get on 
it, instead jump on the first box you see and bounce off 
it onto another box. You will see a platform bounce onto 
it and you will warp to the secret warp room with a 
portal to level 2 Snow Go open.

AIR CRASH GEM to get all the boxes in Air Crash,you must 
get to the Third warp room and play Level 13 Bear Down. 
At the end, when the bear throws you of its back over a 
frozen lake, go back. Jump across the small tinted ice 
flows, and onto the large white one.You will warp to the 
secret warp room with the portal to Air Crash open.

TOTALLY BEAR To access level 26, Totally Bear,play level 
15 Unbearable. At the end the baby bear will throw you 
over a pit. Slide-jump back over the pit, and walk to 
where the bear is sitting. When you get there you will 
go to the secret warp room with Totally Bear open.

TOTALLY FLY To access level 27 Totally Fly,play level 16 
Hangin'Out.When you fall into the water with the crystal, 
go backwards instead of forwards you will fall into a 
hole.Play this area and you will warp to the secret warp 
room with Totally Fly open. 

 Extra Lives 
There are several ways to earn extra lives.One way is to 
whack bees. Another way is to jump on the polar bearís 
head in the second warp room (level 6-10). 


Blue Gem
Located within level 1(Turtle Woods),the sapphire is the 
reward for completing the level without breaking any 
crates.(Note: Before getting the blue gem, Crash first 
must possess a silver gem, the reward for breaking all 
of the levelís crates!)

Clear Gem
Tourmaline gems are located on level 7 (Air Crash),level 
14 (Road to Ruin), and level 17 (Diginí It).To find them, 
jump onto objects with the skull-n-crossbones tattoo.

Green Gem
The emerald is within level 10 (The Eel Deal).To find it, 
take the right branch (the one without Wumpa Fruit) at 
the fork in the tunnel. Walk to the far wall,maneuvering 
around boxes of TNT, and jump through it.

Purple Gem
The amethyst is within level 20 (Bee-Having). To find it, 
climb the boxes of TNT opposite the chasm beyond the 

Red Gem
The ruby is within level 2 (Snow Go), however it is only 
accessible from the Warp World Entrance found in level 7 
(Air Crash).

Yellow Gem
A topaz is the reward for finishing level 11(Plant Food) 
before time runs out.

Playing Tip for Totally Bear

When playing Level 26, Totally Bear, use the long jump 
(O or R1 button and X button) when riding the bear. This 
allows you to jump farther than on regular bear levels 
like Bear It and Bear Down. Without out the long jump, 
you can't get past any of the jumps. Bueno Suerte! 

Revisit Boss Stages

To revisit a boss stage, stand on the middle platform of 
a warp room. Then hold the shoulder buttons (L1 + L2 + 
R1 + R2) and when Crash points, press Triangle, Up. 

Secret Room

In level 16, "Hangin'Out", there are holes you can go in. 
Go inside the 2nd one. You will land in water. Go back-
ward until you find another hole jump in it and you will 
find a secret room with several lives in it. 


Turtle Woods Sub-level
The Turtle Woods bonus is accessed in level 1 (Turtle 
Woods). Belly flop onto the octagon with a menacing face.

Snow Biz Sub-level
The Snow Biz bonus, located in level 6(Snow Biz), is 
opened when Crash obtains the Red Gem in level 2 (Snow 

Sewer/Later Sub-level
The Sewer/Later bonus, located in level 12 (Sewer/Later), 
is opened when Crash obtains the Yellow Gem found in 
level 11 (Plant Food).

Unbearable Sub-level
The Unbearable bonus is accessed in level 15(Unbearable). 
When the first polar bear falls from the bridge and into 
the pit, follow him.

Cold Hard Crash! Sub-level
The Cold Hard Crash! bonus is accessed in level 18 
(Cold Hard Crash!). Half way through the level,jump onto 
the object bearing a skull-n-crossbones tattoo.

Ruination Sub-level
The Ruination bonus, located in level 19 (Ruination) is 
accessible when Crash obtains the Green Gem in level 10 
(The Eel Deal).

Unlimited Lives 
Go to the secret level in UNBEARABLE. At about the half-
way point there is a bouncing box and an arc of fruit. 
Go to the highest step and super jump up to find two 
extra lives. Get both of them and kill yourself. Return 
to that spot for 2 more lives. Repeat as many times as 
you want!

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