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Books: Playstation Secret Codes - Secret Codes 2003

Play as Fast Eddie 

You have to beat rookie on trickmaster to get him as a playable character. 

Shortcut through Colorado 

This is an easy way to get through Colorado. When you get to the part with 
patches of deeper snow, around the third or fourth patch, there should be a 
place with a lot of trees. Weave through those trees, and there should be a 
railroad track. Grind on that track and after a while, look at your position 
and you should be in first place.(Unless there is somebody is in front of you, 
which is most likely)I'm not promising that you willwin every time, but it helps 
to break the time record. 

Slope Style Secret in Vermont 

On the right side of the course, between the ramp with two rocks in front of 
it and the ramp with the green pole in front of it, there is a group of trees, 
you can grind on the fallen tree to reach the secret tunnel. 

Unlock Extra Mountain 

When you go to the tournament name enter in "newhill" and get an extra mountain. 

Unlock all Mountains, Characters and Boards 

Select One player mode and enter : ICHEAT as your name. If you entered it 
correctly will will hear a confirmation sound. 

Unlock all Special Events 

Select One player mode and enter:IMSPECIAL as your name. If you entered it 
correctly will will hear a confirmation sound. 

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