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Books: Playstation Secret Codes - Secret Codes 2003

All Boards 

Go to the championship mode and type your name as "get em" for all boards 

All Riders 

To unlock all riders enter your name as "open_em" at the Tournament screen. 

All Tracks 

To access all tracks, enter your name as "wonitall" at the Tournament screen. 

Big Heads 

At the Tournament screen enter your name as "bigheads". When you 
enter the "Big heads" code you can press L2 to shrink their heads and 
R2 to make their heads bigger. 

Display Current Position 

Enter your name as "showpos" at the Tournament screen. Your coordinates 
will appear in the lower left-hand corner of the screen during gameplay. 

Fast Eddie 

To earn FAST EDDIE you must complete the mountain POWDER HILL in 
frist place and with 3,400 points of more. 

Game Completion Date 

At the screen that reads one player or split screen press L1, L2, R2, 
R1. A screen will pop up the shows the date the game was completed. 

Play as Burg 

To get Burg, unlock every player, every board, and every track. Play 
single event, powder hill downhill. Get in first place with more than 3400 points. 

Replay Fun 

During any replay on Cool Boarders 3 hold left on the direction to see 
it in slow-motion, or hold down to freeze the picture. 

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