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Books: Playstation Secret Codes - Secret Codes 2003

Extra Grabs 

To do extra grabs press and hold a direction and R1 or R2.You should do 
either a backside grab, frontside grab, stalefish, japan, mute, or an indy 
grab. R1 is a tail grab and R2 is a nose grab. 

High-Pitched Announcer 

At the Options screen, press Select 40 times. 


Before you can do this code you have to beat the special stage. After 
you beat the special stage in all three categories you will have access 
to the snowboarder "Snowman". Start a new game, then choose the 
best Alpine board by pressing Up, Circle, and Triangle. 

Special Course 

To access the special course, beat every course in all categories 
(best time, best tricks, and most points.) 

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