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Books: Playstation Secret Codes - Secret Codes 2003

Extra Characters in Exhibition Mode 

After you've won the World Championship title, go to the Exhibition 
Mode character selection screen and press SQUARE. After this press 
SQUARE again and you can be Jackel, Goober, Rascal, and Beastman. 

Main Event Characters in Two-Player Mode 

Start a new boxer in the Main Event. Pick one of the boxers and 
imediately save him to your memory card. Exit, then repeat with 
another character. When you have saved each boxer start a 
two-player match. At the character select screen press SQUARE 
to pick one of the other boxers from your memory card. 

Newspaper Photograph 

During a match in main event mode,turn on the analog and press in one 
of the sticks (L3 or R3) and it will look like it's taking a photograph. When 
the fight is over and the newspaper screen comes up it will show the 
picture that you took. 

Play as "Jackel" 

To play as Jackel you first have to go to the"Main Event" and save any player. 
Then go back into "Exhibition" and load the player you saved by pressing 
SQUARE. After you highlight the player press SQUARE again and you 
should have Jackel in your second "Mystery Box". 

Quick Recovery 

When you get knocked down rotate the D-Pad and press other buttons 
repeatedly to get up faster. 

Secret Characters 

Once you win the world title, defend your title until Jackel challenges you. 
Once you beat him save your victory. Go to Exhibition and load from you 
memory card, then go back to the computer fighters and where the four 
question marks were will be four secret characters; Beastman, Jackel, 
and two others who look similar to Bert and Grover 

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