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Books: Playstation Secret Codes - Secret Codes 2003

Cheat Codes 

Enter one of the following when asked to enter your name:

Peasouper - Adds fog to all stages 
Buttonbash - Power accelerator 
Heliumnick - Co-driver has a squeky voice 
Directorcut - Allows you to play with replay 
Kitcar - Gives you a turbo boost (press SELECT when the green bar is full) 
Moreoomph - Double engine power 
FORKLIFT - Rear wheel steer 
TROLLEY - Gives your car 4 wheel steering 
OPENROADS-Get all the tracks 
SHOEBOXES-Get all the cars 
DIDDYCARS-Small cars 
SKART-Reverse all the tracks 
WHITEBUNNY-Mirror mode 
HOVERCRAFT-Back to the future cars 
TINFOILED-Chrome plated car 
MOONWALK-Low gravity 
SILKYSMOOTH-60 frames per second 
BACKSEAT-Co driver driving the car 

Green Jelly Car 

Enter "BLANCMANGE" as a name. Then, start a game in rally or time 
trial mode to race in a wobbly car. 

Play in the Dark 

To race in the dark on any level enter your name as NIGHTRIDER and 
then start any race plus you will notice that some of the blocked of 
roads are now open. If you go down them then the car will stop and the 
lights will go off , then a beam of light will flash on to the car and lift 
it in to the air. 

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