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Books: Playstation Secret Codes - Secret Codes 2003

210.1% Score in the Japanese Version

To get 210.1%, go to the Royal Chapel in the first castle. Go to the 
long vertical place where the confession room (the room with the 
chairs and you hear the bells) is at your right and the left leads to 
the large sword. Stand in the left side, but don't go in, equip the 
sword familiar and do half-circle forward and up-left and hold UP 
for two seconds then press DOWN + SQUARE (Sword Brothers.)

When the sword is spinning transform into a bat and go to the left 
doorway. If your timing is right you should go *through* the wall 
and be able to fly around the castle.

IMPORTANT: To obtain 210% you must have your sword familiar 
maxed out to level 99 with 99 experience points. If this is not 
acheived, the cheat doesnt work. 

Alucard's Special Moves

Hellfire (15MP): up, down, down-right, right and square

Summon Spirit (5MP): left, right, up, down and square

Soul Steal (50MP): left, right, down-right, down, down-left, 
left, right and square

Dark Metamorphosis (10MP): left, up-left, up, up-right, 
right and square

Tetra Spirits (20MP): hold up for 2 seconds, then press 
up-right, right, down-right, down and square

Wolf Charge (10MP, must have "skill of wolf", and must 
also be in Wolf form): down, down-right, right and square

Sword Brothers (30MP, must be using the "Sword" familiar
for this to work): down, down-right, right, up-right, 
hold up for 2 seconds, then press down and square

Wing Smash (8MP, must be in bat form when performing 
this): hold X, up, up-left, left, down-left, down, 
down-right, right and then release X 

Axe Lord Armor

After beating the game once, start a new game and enter 
your name as AXEARMOR. You'll find a cool new suit of 
armor in your inventory. 

Beat Doppleganger Easy

Okay, for players who have a hard time with Doppleganger
(the Alucard look-alike), hit him so he lands in a 
corner, and repeatedly jump at him and attack. He will 
reliably jump into your blade repeatedly. This works on 
both the Light and Dark Castle Doppleganger. 


Before you fight the doppleganger in the second castle, 
equip the Medusa Shield. Hit the doppleganger with the 
Medusa Shield, and he will turn to stone. Attack him 
mercilessly with your weapon until he turns back to 
flesh, then use the shield on him again. 

Beating Galamoth

Here is an easy way to kill Galamoth. First find the 
Alucard Shield and the Shield Rod. Equip them both 
before you take him on. As soon as he starts to stand up, 
activate the Shield Rod combo (Square+Circle). When you 
stop flashing, run toward Galamoth so only the Alucard 
Shield is touching his leg. Great deals of HP will be 
taken away from him. I tried this and ended up killing 
him in 8 seconds! 

Belmont's Special Moves

Whip Uppercut: down, up and X

Run: right right, or left left (hold after second press)

Whip Twirl: hold Square, then tap any direction repeatedly

Slide: down and X

Slide Jump: down and X, X again immediatly after the first one

Back Flip: X twice, quickly

Whip Dash: up, down, downright, right and square 
(Richter is invulnerable when performing this)

Whip Lunge: left, then right and square(or vice versa) 

Bonus Soundtrack

Put the Castlevania CD into any regular CD player. 
Play Track 2, and you'll hear a special song. 

Easy Familiar Experience

Ok, easy way, but a bit time consuming, to get 
experience for all your familiars. I believe you have 
to have it beaten once first. but I may be wrong.

As you start the game, go through like you normally 
would. But this time, don't but alot from the librarian.
Only get the Jewel of Open, and 1 or 2 Library Cards.  
The proceed with the game.

Once you get in the inverted castle, keep going and get 
AS MUCH MONEY AS POSSIBLE. Once you get 500,000 go back 
to the librarian, and purchase the Duplicator. Then go 
BACK to the inverted castle, and equip it. By this time,
you should have at least ONE of the Power of Sire items. 
Equip that as well. Voila, you have an infinite supply 
now as long as you have the duplicator equipped.

Now go to the room in the inverted church thing 
(forgot the name off hand), and enter the room with the 
big sword that is surrounded by spears and shields.
Use the Power of Sire, then leave the room, and go back
in, use it again, and so on and so forth. Within an 
hour I had ALL my familiars powered up to 99/99.  

Effortless Experience Gain

To get effortless experience follow these simple steps: 

Play through the game like normal until you get your bat familar. 
at this point go back to near the start of the game 
where the zombies keep coming out of the ground. 
then all you do is stand on the step on the stairs where 
the zombies can't reach you and turn your bat familiar 
on. Just make sure that you are far enough away that the
zombies won't hurt you if your familar misses one of them. 
The bat familar will kill most of the zombies that 
appear, also make sure you are looking in the direction 
of the zombies or the bat will not hit them. 
The best part about this trick is that the familar will 
kill the zombies and both he and you will get the 
experience making this absolutely simple in gaining 
levels. In three hours my bat went from level 2 to level 60! 

Enhanced Luck

After beating the game once, start a new game and enter 
your name as X-X!V"Q. You'll start with 99 luck and the
Lapis Lazuli item, but your strength and hitpoints will 
be reduced. 

Explore an Inverted Castle 
If you defeat the possessed Richter Belmond in Dracula's
Keep, you'll see the ending. But what you may not 
realise is that this is the 'bad end', and you've only 
seen half the game! To get to the real ending:

First, make sure you've gotten both rings from Maria. 
The first you recieve after defeating the Succubus in 
the 'Nightmare' stage. The second is past the hall with 
all the spikes in the Cathedral 
(you need the SpikeBuster Armor from the Catacombs)

Equip both rings at once in the room with the big clock,
and the floor will open. Down in this 'lair' Maria is 
waiting for you once again. She'll give you a vital 
piece of information.

Once all this is done,then go to Dracula's Keep and meet
Richter. He'll attack you, but you will now be able to 
see a green orb floating above him. Attack the orb, but 
_don't_kill_Richter_ (hint: the Sword Companion will 
serve you well here) After a bit of attacking, the orb 
will break open, revealing everyone's favorite 
loathesome 18th/19th century warlock: Shaft! 

This also breaks Shaft's spell, freeing Richter from the
spirit of Dracula. Alucard will tell Richter and Maria 
to escape while they can as the clouds swirl and open up, 
revealing a mirror-image of the Evil Castle! Shaft 
escapes into the Inverted Castle, and of course it's 
Alucard's duty to chase after him!

But just when you think you know the layout already, you
find some crucial elements of the castle have been 
rearranged, it's stocked with bigger and badder enemies,
and even the music has changed! 

Extra Options

At the name select screen, enter your name as AXELORD 
then go to the Settings screen. 

Fiddle with the Logo

When the words NOW LOADING are on screen, you can 
manipulate them with the d-pad. 

Get the Holy Glasses and all Four Endings

To get the Holy Glasses you need the gold ring 
(after beating the Succubus in Nightmare, located in a 
side path in the long tunnel to the underground) and the
silver ring (in the hall of spikes in the tower, you 
need the Spike Buster armor from the underground.) Take 
these to the clock tower and equip them. You'll get a 
L-O-N-G sequence before it lets you go down. Follow the 
path to find Maria, she'll give you the Holy Glasses.


1. Simply go to the castle tower and defeat Richter 
without meeting Maria. Alucard will escape the destroyed
castle and say a few things before going back to his 
eternal sleep.

2. Get the Holy Glasses and defeat Richter. Maria will 
have also escaped and tell you she's continuing her 
search for what happened to Richter.

For the 3rd and 4th endings, do this first: Get the Holy
Glasses and equip them, but DON'T kill Richter. Instead, 
attack the green orb above him until it shatters. From 
here you'll go to the inverted castle.

3. Defeat Dracula with anything below 200% and you'll 
see Maria and Richter waiting for you outside the castle. 
Maria will decide not to follow Alucard and will return 
with Richter. 

4. Get AT LEAST 199.1% and defeat Dracula. The others 
will be waiting, but Maria will decide to follow Alucard
and try to help him cope with what he is. 

Heaven Sword Special Attack

You can get Heaven Swords as a rare item by killing the 
Cloaked knights (flying knights that toss their swords 
at you).If you have two of these, equip one in each hand
and press both square and circle to activate the special

Librarian's Secret Stash

To get the librarian's secret stash under his chair you 
must have the super jump relic. After you have obtained 
this item go to the room under his. There will be a 
narrow vertical space that (when you jump into it) will 
lead to a Life Max Up.

Now jump repeatedly without touching the floor, but make
sure the librarian's chair goes back on the floor. If 
this is done correctly you will first get the Ring of 
Arcana. If you contunue to do this you will then obtain 
the Dracula Tunic and after that the Axelord Armor will 

Music Select

To gain access to the excellent soundtracks, complete 
the game (fully, with over 190%)with Alucard and restart
a brand new game with Alucard (do not cover over the old
one). When you get to the Librarian, simply walk up to 
him and a music select option will appear with the 
'buy/sell' box. 

Here are the locations of some of the secret rooms in 
the game. 

Room 1: Outer Wall
When you enter the stage from the Marble Garden, go down
to meet an Armor Lord. Beat him and go to the left. 
Hack the wall on the left wall to get a Pot Roast. Stand
in the Space for 20 seconds and you will go into a room with items 

Room 2: Alchemy Lab And Necromancy Lab
In the Alchemy Lab, hack the wall in the first room 
going up. Inside is a Heart Max-up. The one in the 
Necromancy lab of the inverted castle is in the same 

Room 3: Colossem and Reverse Colossem
In the room with Blade Soldiers and Blade Masters, go to
the first pillar, face left and use a few axes to reveil a passage. 

Rooms 4 and 5: Orlox's Quarters and Akmodan's Chamber
The first room is in the room with the Sprit Sword. 
Go to the right to find a dead end, hack the wall to get some good items.

The second one is later in the stage. When you are in 
courtyard with the Vahalla Knights,go down to the ground
and proceed left. Proceed left until you are in a room 
with the bridge. Hack Every part of the wall until you 
reveal the room. Do the same in Akmodan's Chamber's 
(Orlox's Room in the Inverted Castle) 

Room 6: Clock Tower and Reverse Clock Tower
In the room before the Birdman boss, Hack the right wall
at the top of the room. 

Room 7: Pit to the Catacombs
Use the Demon Familiar to flip the switch after the 
Cerberas Boss to reveil a room.Do the same in the 
inverted castle. 

The Shield Rod Trick

If you have the Shield Rod you can do this trick. Equip 
the rod and any shield. Then, all you have to do is hit 
the left hand button and the right hand button (normaly 
the O and Square buttons) simultaniously and you will do
a special move that has to do with the shield you have 
equiped. Every shield does something different.
Experement with different shields to find out which one
you like. Also, when you are equiped with the shield 
rod if you press back, foward, then attack Alucard 
launches a star from the rod. It must do something 
besides look really cool, but I haven't messed around 
with it that much to find out. 

True Hellfire

There is an interesting effect if you cast the Hellfire 
spell, (up, down, down-right,right and square) then 
press and hold UP, AFTER the teleport, but BEFORE the 
three fireballs go off. It shoots TWO of the black 
fireballs demonstrated by Dracula in the opening scene. 
As far as I can tell, it does no more damage, and costs 
the same, but it DOES punch through targets rather than 
be absorbed.

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