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Books: Playstation Secret Codes - Secret Codes 2003

Alternate Paint Jobs 

For new paint jobs on the cars, enter your name as ROOSTER. 

Bonus Tracks 

To access the following tracks, enter the code as your name on the "Create a Driver" screen. 

SUNNYSKY - Sunset Track 
NIGHTRID - Night Track 
SPACERID - Space Track 
EPILEPTI - Titon Track 

Cars Only Have Wheels 

For some radical body work, enter your name as WHEELS. 

Change Gravity 

For increased gravity enter your nams as RADBRAD or to be even 
heavier type STONE. For half gravity enter your name as FLOAT. 
For three-quarter gravity enter your name as FEATURE. 

Fat Tires 

To add fat tires to the cars, enter your name as FAT TIRES. 

Instant Win 

To instantly win the season, enter your name as WTFIN. 


Enter your name as IMMORTAL for invincibility. 

Keeping Control 

If you are sliding out of control, quickly put your car in neutral and tap 
the brakes. You will gain control easier and faster than waiting to hit a wall. 

No Collisions 

To prevent collisions between cars, enter your name as BANZAI. 

Two Laps in Season Mode 

For shorter races enter your name as GEK. 

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