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Books: Playstation Secret Codes - Secret Codes 2003

Dance against Pander 

In order to dance against Pander, who is the strangest dancer in the game, 
you have to get a fever time in every level up to Robo-Z Gold, and then get 
one on her. It's hard to say what dancing against Pander gives you, but it 
must have some soft of signifigance. It is visually one of the coolest levels
in the game. 

Listen to "ACID LINE" 

When you go into the Options area of the main screen, go to Sound Options. 
You can listen to most of the songs from the game in the Music Test. To
listen to Robo-Z Gold's song, "ACID LINE" you have to hold left or right on 
the selector and it should cycle through the songs real fast. While it cycles 
you should notice "ACID LINE" apear before "The Heat is on" when scrolling 
right. The key is to stop it on the song and then select it, a good tactic is 
to go 3 songs over in one direction and try it from there. 

TV Director's Message 

When you are dancing against KITTY-N, don't let her dance her solo (use a 
special attack before the "solo time"). If you do it twice (one time in the 
first solo and again in the second solo), a message from the director will 
appear before the third solo. 

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