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Books: Playstation Secret Codes - Secret Codes 2003

Bonus level 

After beating the first level with shorty, hit up, down, left, right, and circle 
and it will take you to a new level with a mystery player. 

Dance Preview 

Complete the game under the easy difficulty level with any character for 
there dance view. 

Flat Characters 

Pick either Burger Dog or Hamm as your character. When you're "grooving" 
do your special attack twice in a row.

Jumping Columbo 

Be Shorty on two players, and after you go all the way through any combo 
twice complete the 0 combo and Columbo should jump out of Shorty's pocket. 

Level Skip 

Complete the game once with any character. Begin game play in single player 
mode and press L2 + Select when a song begins to jump to the next level. 

Play as Alternate Character 

Highlight a character, then hold Select and press X. 

Play as Burger Dog 

Complete the game under the normal difficulty level with Hamm after 
getting Robo-Z. 

Play as Capoeira 

Complete the game under the normal difficulty level with any character. 

Play as Columbo 

Complete the game under the normal difficulty level with Shorty after 
getting Robo-Z. 

Play as Robo-Z 

Complete the game under the normal difficulty level with any character 
after getting Capoeira. 

Sparkly Kelly 

Start a 1 or 2 player game and choose Kelly as your character. When the 
match starts perform your attack, and hit start as she winds up to deliver 
it. choose "retry" from the pause menu and when the match restarts, Kelly 
will be surrounded by sparks which will last for the remainder of the match,
or until she performs another attack. 

Super Solos 

Try these moves during the solo part of the dance. 
(The part where you take turns dancing.) 

Heat: Up, Down, Up, Circle
Frida: Up, Down, Up, Circle
Strike: Up, Up, Left, Circle
Hamm: Down, Right Up, Circle
Kelly: Right, Left, Right, Circle
Shorty: Down, Down, Down, Circle
Hiro: Right, Up, Down, Circle
Pinky Diamond: Up, Left, Up, Circle
Gas-O: Left, Down, Right, Up, Circle
Kitty NakaJima: Down, Down, Right, Circle
Capoeira: Right, Up, Right, X
Robo-Z: Up, Down, Left Right, Circle
Columbo: Down, Down, Down, Circle
Burger Dog: Down, Right, Up, Circle

Winning Pose Close-up 

Hold Circle after winning a stage. 

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