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Beat Gaist Easily 

Your confrontation with the sole living guardian besides Garr can be made 
simpler by getting rid of the two torches on either side of ryu. At first it 
seems that they just replenish 25HP to gaist,but in reality it also makes 
his fire-based attacks much more deadly. 
Note: For a really easy battle, have Ryu equip something like Magma 
Armor that absorbs Fire-based attacks. 

Beat the Dragon Zombie Easily 

Battling with the Dragon Zombie after Ryu becomes older is almost 
always a tough battle because of it's poisoning abilities.To quickly 
destroy this monster have Ryu cast all his best heal spells on the 
Creature. This takes care of him in no time. This trick will work on any 
undead creatures, EXCEPT vampires.
Note: Do not use items! Healing Herbs and Vitamins WILL give HP back 
to the Zombies. 

Beat the Dragon Zombie Easily, Method 2 

When you get to the dragon zombie after you grow up just have Garr 
cast kyrie on him and he will die instantly. 

Change Names 

In your Faerie Village, put 3 Faeries in a casino. Talk to the one on the 
left and she'll let you change the names of your party members, including 
those not with you, and other Faeries. 

Control the Kaiser Form 

When you choose the Kaiser, most of the time Ryu will be out of control.
For better results, choose Infinity + Trance + Radiance as your ONLY genes. 


To get Deis go to Zublo Mountain AFTER you free her. All you have to do is 
go up the stairs when you enter Zublo Mountain, go up to the slab and press X. 
She will ask if you would like to be her apprentice.

Note: you might have to go back there a few times because she will not 
apprentice RIGHT after you free her. 

Easy Experience 

Later in the game, develop the fairy village until you have a copy shop, 
and copy a Ivory Dice until you have 12. Then use those dice in battle on 
a enemy (example: the Vulcans in Mt. Zublo). Depending on what enemy 
you use them on, you'll get 20,000 to 80,000 experience!

Using the Ivory Dice in battle increases the amount of experience points 
you gain in battle.Using it once doubles the points gain, twice quadruples 
the points gain, and three times multiplies it by 8. 

Easy Ghosts 

If you're having trouble beating the ghosts in McNeil Manor, use Heal on them. 
This even works on the boss. 

Find the Wyndian Kids 

After Ryu matures, you can apprentice yourself to the kids in Wyndia that 
you played hide-in-seek with before, but before you can apprentice to them 
you have to find them in a hide-in-seek game where you have to find them 
around the world.

Here's where to find them:

Bais-in B3 of the Dauna Mine 
Lang-behind a tombstone in the Wyndian cemetery 
Lee-In the Eastern Wyndian Checkpoint, in a corner behind the guards 
Wynn-in the lower level of Junk Town on the left side 

Free Berries 

For free berries go to the coffee shop and kick the tree with apples in it 
for berries the berries give you 5 hps back. 

Get the Beast Spear 

As soon as you beat Gaist, you need to search his ashes. You will then 
get the Beast Spear.This weapon will increase his attack by 150! The 
only drawback is that it will drain about 9 to 10 HP from him every round. 

Get the Ding Frog Fishing Lure 

To get the ding frog you have to be a "MASTER OF FISHING++". This is a 
lure that attracts everything but the guy only gives you 3. You can find 
him at the cliff just South of Steel Beach.

Get the Royal Sword and the Life Armor 

The way to get the Royal Sword and the Life Armor is to fish near 
Kombinat with the Deep Diver lure until you have 2 Whales, 4 Spearfish 
and 4 Barandy. (The Barandy fish is at the spot south of the Northern 
Checkpoint. You'll need a Frog lure for these fish.) After you have 
managed to get all the fish, return to Kombinat and use a Coin lure to 
reel in the big, fat thing swimming around. He will ask if you want to 
buy something.Say yes and the sword and armor is yours! Note that 
the Life Armor will let you regain a few HP every round. 

Master of Agility 

To get the fairie Meryleep to become your master, go east of Wyndia
where there is a spring that is said to be home of the fairies. Have Peco 
run and knock a rock into the middle of the pool, and a fairie will appear. 
She will send you on a mission to get an object stolen from her by a crow. 
Then go to the mountain west of the Arena, and if you walk behind the 
mountain a "?" should appear. Enter have Peco hit the tree with the 
crow on it. Take the object back to the fairie and she will offer to be 
your master. Your agility will go up +2, but your Hp, Power, and Defense 
go down -1. 

Quick Training Method for Beyd 

Here is a quick way to train Beyd for his fight against Zig. Have Momo 
and Nina in your party. First of all, make sure you have 99 healing herbs
(you'll need them!) Be sure to buy Beyd a Moon Sword and a Breastplate 
so he will have a weapon and armor you can't train him without them. 
Remove all armor from all people in your party. This way, Beyd can do 
more damage to you and his attack power will raise faster. Nina had the 
assist spells Blunt and Weaken.

Cast both spells on Beyd to weaken him so ypou do more damage to 
him and his HP will rise rapidly. Have your party in the Attack formation 
with Momo at the front (position 1) Have Nina cast weaken first until it 
affects Beyd. Have Ryu (and Nina, after Blunt and Weaken have taken 
effect ONCE)heal Beyd evry round and Momo attack. Have Nina and/or 
Ryu attack with Momo ONLY if Beyd is fully healed AND dodged Momo's 
attack the previous round. Using this method, I trained Beyd 8 times.

Before the 8th training set of rounds, re-equip all characters. Using 
this method, I trained Beyd so well, he was kicking MY butt!! Once this 
is done and the fight between Beyd and Zig begins, Zig was doing 1 HP 
damage to Beyd and Beyd did about 60-65 HP damage to Zig. 

Note: Don't have your characters do anything but defend the whole 
Beyd vs. Zig fight. It will only cause the fight to end earlyer than 
needed. Good luck!!


With this tip I was able to train Byed in 2 sessions. What you do is unequip 
everything and equip your weakest weapons or bye weak ones to equip. 
Use for your second slot either Momo or Nina (perferably Momo, because 
she has "protect") and Peco in your third slot Have Ryu and Momo use 
"protect" on Beyd then use Peco to attack if peco does no damage then 
attack with your second weakest charter and keep using "protect". DO 
NOT KILL BEYD! once his life is lowered enough he will start defending. 
When he begins to defend attack with Peco. Don't stop using "protect" 
until all your characters do no damage. Attack him for the remaining 
turns and his defence will rise so much Zig won't even be able to scratch him! 

The Magic Master (Mygus) 

After you have gone a while through the game, go north of the town of 
McNeil and you will see a tree stump on the map (a question mark will show.) 
Enter it and go up and you will see and old man, talk to him. Whichever 
character that is apprenticed with him will gain more INT and AP, but gain 
a little less Attack Power and Defense during level-ups. 

The Master D'lonzo 

Near Windia, there is a coffee shop. Go behind it and there should be a 
girl walking around. You need 15 different kinds of weapons to get her. 

The Master Emitai 

After you get older, you can get Emitai as one of your Masters. (Emitai 
is the leader of the second team you fight in the Tournament of 
Champions) After you get older, you go near Ogre Road and there in a 
path that you go to on your north. There is a hut. Talk to Emitai and he 
will tell you that if you pay him 10,000 zenny for his mortgage, he will 
teach you some of his spells. 

The Secret Master 

After you go to Windia the second time,there is a master. The way to 
get to him is: See the walls surrounding Windia, there is a pathway 
beetween the walls (just a tiny incy wincy south), continue to go through 
this way and you will enter a little house. In this house is a Master. 

The Strength Master (Bunyan) 

After you get farther in the game, go back to Bunyan's Cabin to make 
him a master for one of your characters. Any character apprenticed 
to Bunyan will gain more Attack Power and Defence, and a little less 
Intellegence and HP when gaining a level. 


While walking around towns and such you can steal a few zenny's here 
and there. Give the people a wack with your sword and they will pop 
out. Usually about 4 to 6 each time. This will even work on dogs and 
other animals. 

Weretiger No Problem

As you know when Rei rejoins your party he gains the awesome spell 
WERETIGER. The only problem is he some times attacks your party. 
Solution... In the begining of the game learn INFLUENCE from a BOSS 
GOBLIN (Pink Colored). Then after he rejoins have a slower character 
use it when he morphs. 

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