Playstation tips, codes, passwords, hints, cheats, and secrets: BRAVO AIR RACE
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Books: Playstation Secret Codes - Secret Codes 2003

Bonus Planes 

To get the F16 and the Stealth jet, follow these easy steps. At the title 
screen press and hold R1 and L2 on controller two, then tap the SELECT 
button 20 times. You have to be quick, or else the rankings will start. An 
electronic noise will sound if you did it right. You can find the new planes 
on the plane select screen. 

Change Plane's Color 

Hold R2 & L1 while race is loading.

Turbo GeeBee 

Select the GeeBee for gameplay, then at "Now Loading" screen make the 
mini. GeeBee go to the top of the screen. The word "Good" will appear to 
confirm the code. The GeeBee can now go much faster than normal. 

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