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Battleship Stratagies 

Here's some tips that will help you play with the battleship:

First, the battleship can destroy ANY ship, except for the cruisers.

Second, the submarine will also be a problem if it is not against human players.

Finally, and most important, is to always be paralell to your opponent 
if you intend to use your Main Guns, as this will turn all 3 turrets to 
bear on your opponent.

Beating the PT Boat (Patrol Boat): When he gets in range, fire a missile (Triangle).

Beating the Destroyer: Run paralell to the opposing ship, but have 
enough space to allow you to evade the torpedoes it will launch; this 
is simply done by turning hard into the ship when he launches them.

Beating the Aircraft Carrier: Although the F-14's the carrier launches 
are devastating, DO NOT use anti-aircraft guns (AA Guns) to shoot 
them down, the reason for this is that the carrier cannot attack 
until every one of its planes are recovered. Firing your AA guns 
wastes valuble firing time. Ignore the planes and keep firing the 
turrets on the carrier while it waits to recover the planes.
NOTE: You cannot evade the bombs released by the jets, another 
reason why AA guns are pointless.

Beating the Troop Transport: One of the only matches where you 
don't have to try to win; the TT doesn't stand a chance. Keep firing 
broadside and you should come out of the battle nearly unscaved.

Beating the Mine-Layer: Follow the same stragem as with the TT, 
except NEVER get behind the ship, as it will launch magnetic mines 
that stand a very good chance of killing you.

Beating the Submarine: The strategy you use is dependent on who 
is controlling the sub. HUMAN: This is one of the hardest battles. 
Keep pressing square as much as you can to launch the Helicopter, 
but evade the sub's torpedoes. COMPUTER: Keep launching misiles 
while evading the torpedoes... if you do this with proper timing, 
you'll destroy him before you know it.

Beating the Battleship: Uh oh. Problem. All I can say to help you is 
Keep firing broadsides. If your opponent is skilled (most likely an 
experienced human), and is wildly evading all your shots, do the 
same to him, but now launch missiles using triangle.

Beating (or damaging) the Cruiser: Unfortunately, you are no match 
for the cruiser's salvo of 3 cruise missiles, which you cannot avoid. 
Sometimes you win, sometimes you don't.

Level Skip 

While playing a one-player campaign, hold L1+L2+R1+R2+Select 
then press Start+X. 

To Kill a Battleship 

The easiest way to kill a battleship is with a submarine. As soon as the 
battle starts, DIVE! When you dive, a helicopter will come out and use 
sonar to find you. You should make your way under the other ship. While 
staying under him, pump out torpedoes like heres no tomorrow. In this 
way he should be destroyed fairly easily. 

Trash a Carrier with your PT Boat 

When the battle starts, let him target you and launch his planes. Then, 
extend your hydrofoils and turn straight into him. His planes will miss 
you (most times), and won't be able to land when he's turning away 
from you. Keep turning with him as you light him up with torpedos.

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