Playstation tips, codes, passwords, hints, cheats, and secrets: BATTLE ARENA TOSHINDEN
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Books: Playstation Secret Codes - Secret Codes 2003

Additional Camera Controls 

While playing a regular game, pause and press Square + Circle + Triangle 
+ X then press Select twice. The power bars will be removed and you 
can use the shoulder buttons (L1, L2, R1 and R2) to zoom and pan 
around the entire arena.To return to normal,hold SQUARE + CIRCLE 
+ TRIANGLE + X and press SELECT. 

Alter Egos 

To choose a character's alter ego, press SELECT while highlighting 
the character you wish to use. 

Camera Tricks 

On the Options menu, select control type H2. Select "Camera Action" 
and scroll through the options until you see "Your Self." Select any of 
the control types and you'll see that the shoulder buttons have now 
changed to camera controls. Begin a game and you'll be able to change 
the camera angles whenever you pause the game. Press SELECT while 
doing this to toggle between Rotate/Tilt and Zoom/Pan controls. 

 Easy Super Moves 

To do really easy super moves go to the options menu and 1st set the 
difficulty level to easy 2nd set the strength to 200 and switch the 
controller settings and instead of the Ls and Rs being rotate they 
will be special. Then when you are in game play you can press L or R 
and you will do a super move. 

Play as Gaia 

At the title screen options flash by, press Down, Down-Left, Left, 
Square. You should hear the word "Fight." At the Player Select screen, 
highlight Eiji, hold Up and press any attack button. 

Play as Sho 

First put in the Gaia code, let the game go to the demo. Press START on 
controller 2 to go back to the title screen, and as the words come in, hit 
Left-Right, Light-Right, Left then Square (on the directional pad). You 
should here "fight", and the text will turn blue. Then go to player select 
screen, go to Kayin, push down and square. 

Your Own Music 

After you pick you fighter, wait until the match starts. Then pause the 
game and open the cover on your Playstation. Take out the CD and put 
in one of your own. You must take out your CD and put in the game 
before you beat your opponent or the game will freeze. 

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