Playstation tips, codes, passwords, hints, cheats, and secrets: BATMAN & ROBIN
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Finding Clues and Powerups 

When your on the road and are looking for clues or powerups, here are 
the best ways to get them. Go to a store called "Bookworms" which is 
located all over the city. This is probably one of the only stores you 
can break into but the lights have to be on. There are usually powerups 
and clues here.

Also, if you see a bad guy mugging someone, beat him up and you'll usually 
get a clue. Next, if you come across a brown door on any building, break 
into it and you'll find a little energy. But if there are alarms going off in 
front of the door, a clue will be inside. Last, if you see four mini fences 
surrounding a box, just drive over it and you'll get TWO clues. 

Super Health 

When you are driving around the city, and you spot a yellow motorcycle 
follow it for awhile and you will get a super health. 

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