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Books: Playstation Secret Codes - Secret Codes 2003

Cheat Menu 

When the "Press Start" screen appears, hold Select and press Square, 
Triangle, Circle, Triangle, Triangle, Square, Circle. You should hear an 
asteroid exploding. If not, try again. Now, anytime during the game 
press Select and Start at the same time. A small screen should come 
up asking you what level and zone you want. You will also get the option 
of turning off collisions. To activate the cheat codes, press R1, R2, L1, 
and L2 at the same time. 

Classic Asteroids Codes 

Press pause, then enter the following:

99 Lives: Up, X, Down, Triangle, Left, Square, Right, Circle

Invincibility: Down, Down, Up, Up, Circle, Square, Triangle, Triangle 

Hidden Forth Ship...the easy way 

At the title screen press and hold SELECT, then press Triangle, Circle, 
Circle, Triangle, Square, Circle, Square. 

Hidden Forth Ship...the hard way 

Beat the game at expert or hardcore 

Invincibility and Level Select 

At the title screen press Square, Triangle, Circle, Triangle, Triangle, 
Square, Circle. To activate level select, press Start + Select while 
playing, then press L1 repeatedly until the desired level appears. 

Play Classic Asteroids...the easy way 

At the Title screen, hold Select and press: Circle, Circle, Circle, Triangle, 
Square, Square, Circle. 

Play Classic Asteroids...the hard way 

To get the original game you must go all the way through the first 
mission until you get to level 15. Once youget to level 15, continue to 
play but look for a greenish wire-frame asteroid to come into the screen.

Shoot the green asteroid and big words in green will appear on the screen 
letting you know the game is unlocked, but don't stop just yet.  Finish level 
15 and save your game so you can save the original version for fun.  

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