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Books: Playstation Secret Codes - Secret Codes 2003

All Weapons 

Start a new game, then pause and press Square, Circle, R1, L1, R1+R2.
You must enter the code within two seconds.
NOTE:This code can be tricky, but it does work. 

Clear Mine Fields Quickly 

When entering a mine field, select your minesweeper. Walk forward a few 
paces and then hold in the roll button and roll left/right to clear mines. This 
will save a considerable amount of time. 


During the game pause the game and press square, circle, L1, and then 
hold L1 and L2 together. but you must do this code under 2 secounds. 

Level Select 

Quickly press Square, Circle,R1, L1, L1 + R1 at the main menu. 

More Damage in Multiplayer 

When using the flamethrower in two player mode, tap the X button instead 
of holding it.The flamethrower will then do more damage. 

Run Faster in Multi-Player Mode 

Hold Square + Triangle to chase your opponent quicker. 

Secret Key 

If you enter the two player level "Clean Up This Mess!," and go into the 
closet (located in the North East direction, you will find a key located 
between the books.

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