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Books: Playstation Secret Codes - Secret Codes 2003

99 explosion bullets 

To collect up to 99 explosion bullets pause the game and press: R2, 
down, L2, up, right, down, right, left 

Beat Specter Easily 

In Specter's First stage in the level MONKEY MADNESS, Instead of using the 
Slingshot, Just ram the Machine using your Super Hoop.

Catch Monkeys without the RC Car 

There is a simple way to catch monkeys without the use of the RC Car. 
This is a huge time saver as you don't have to wait unti the end of the 
game to get the RC Car. All you need is the Slingback Shooter and one 
flash bomb. Here's what you do. Switch to first person veiw with the 
slingback shooter and fire away at the money until it runs to one of 
those little cracks. Then switch to the flash bomb and nail him. Run 
over to him fast and equip your net. Grab him and poof that's it. That's 
all you have to do. It may take a bit of practice but when you learn it it really helps. 

Hidden Mini-Game Boxers 

You can get extra boxers on the Specter Boxing minigame by defeating 
them on Championship mode, although you'll have to run through it multiple 
times to get ALL of them. 

Peak-Point Matrix

To get to the secret board in Ape Escape, you must beat Specter at the 
Level Monkey Madness (the carnival), wait to the ending finishes (including 
the credits), and then when the game gives you the option, go back to the 
Time Station and save your game. Then, go to all the levels, and finish 
catching the Monkeys you missed. When you catch every Monkey, the 
Peak-Point Matrox will open up, where you will get to fight Specter for the 
last time, and finally catch him. Then, you'll see the true ending. 

Save A Life 

When you fall off a cliff, press START and choose EXIT. Then you will go 
to the time station with the same amount of lives before you fell of the cliff. 

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